Caribbean Rock

Galipote - Caribbean Rock
While the band takes their name from a mystical folklore creature of the night, Galipote is anything but a nightmarish concoction. In fact, its deft and ease with various Caribbean rhythms and instruments of West Indian folklore, within a rock format that doesn’t shy away from the blues, makes Galipote a unique world beat rock band with a potent, high energy sonic recipe sure to delight even the most jaded of listeners.
A pesar de que que la banda toma su nombre de una criatura mística del folclore nocturno, Galipote es todo menos una pesadilla. De hecho, su destreza y facilidad con diversos ritmos caribeños e instrumentos del folklore de las Antillas, dentro de un formato rockero encariñado con el blues, hace de Galipote una banda de rock única; una potente receta sónica de alta energía para deleitar hasta a los gustos más exigentes.

Band Members
Jose Madera - Drums
Rafael Fland - Singer / guitars
Eduardo Chuffa - Bass
Alex Callender - Percussion / backing vocals
Pin Bencosme - Organ / Synth
Nikki Rey - Backing vocals / Percussion

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